After your consultation appointment, we will endeavour to match you with the counsellor we feel is best for you as soon as they are available, based on the availability you have given us in that appointment. We will then agree a day, time and start date with you and arrange for your counselling to start. Weekly sessions last 50 minutes and take place in Walton, Woking or online. You will have an initial block of 6 sessions and if you are keen to continue, can extend this to up to a year. You are never ‘tied in’ and can leave at any point before then; you can also return after your year ends, although we ask you to have a short break and another consultation first. We ask clients to let us know if they can’t attend a session and to pay their agreed contribution for all sessions including those they miss for holidays etc, except during that initial 6-week block and – after that – for 2 missed sessions over the course of the year. This may be extended if you explain to us you have extenuating circumstances, but making a weekly contribution enables us to keep your timeslot for you and to remain sustainable as a charity.