“I wasn’t really sure when I started counselling what my goals were, however, as the counselling took place I feel I have learnt a lot about myself and come up with coping strategies” (May 17)

“I have developed new relationship behaviours, and I have changed my ‘rigid way of thinking’;  I can now see things from a different point of view (May 17)

” I worked through several issues and ended up with an answer” (Sept 16)

” It was my time to feel completely comfortable talking about anything. She never judged, just listened and helped process things” (Sept 16)

“She (counsellor) was patient, sympathetic and right from the start helped me think through things myself. She never told me what to do”  (Sept 15)

“I am more confident and able to understand my reaction to certain situations” – (Aug 15)

“My counsellor was just brilliant – as was my initial assessment”  “I am now more happy, outgoing, and able to enjoy life again”- (July 15)

“I think I made a discovery about my way of handling a situation, which I was able to change” Jun 15

” I was able to identify and let go of the emotions that been troubling me” Apr 15

“With the counsellors guidance and support I now feel able to accomplish any goal” – Mar 2015

What did you think of your initial appointment? – ” I felt hope, and not alone, and supported” -Mar 2015

“My counsellor was calm, patient and empathetic and helped me to realised that its ok to feel a certain way in certain situations.

Her kind approach allowed me the space I needed to explore how I was feeling” Feb 2015

” I have a more positive outlook and have returned to employment I have strategies to cope with whatever the future holds” Dec 2014

“I am a much stronger person now and fee able to cope with daily life” Nov 2014

“I feel I’ve expressed anger and upset and feel more able to move on. I am more aware of what I need to do to keep myself happy and healthy” (Oct 2014)

“The panic attacks have not occurred again and I am more a peace with myself”